Diversity Inspiration Passion

Diversity Inspiration Passion

Diversity Inspiration Passion

Our Team

Consulting Network

Pimpeter Lünnemann Bouwkundig Architect

Paul Marais  

Simply Sustainable Architecture. Integrated sustainable design. Passive @energy efficient design and renewable energy systemsand living systems.specialist in ramed earth structures.

Bouwkundig Bureau Oudewaal

Olaf .J.C.Oudewaal Specialised in supervision and managment of building projects. Giving building advice and defining appropriate building techniques. Has both experience in large and complex projects but also has time for smaler projects with much success and experience in the Netherlands.

Architect Peter Blonk

Duurzaamheid, energie transitie

Rana Advies Bouw en Verbouw

Jacob Catsstraat 108, 2274 GZ Voorburg

Birth Place  


2355 CS Hoogmade

Pimpeter & Martijn   Etage Penthouse

bezoek bij  BurO M2R

Buro M2R

.Martijn Soree

.Roger Teunisse

Architecten in Rotterdam

Ungerplein 23/24

3033 BR

+31 10 4666184

BurO M2R Architectural practice Design Studio for architectural transformation , interiors and exhibitions, situated in Rotterdam.
A fundamental, charactoristic of the practice is its ability to analyse and to maintain close interaction with the client. This defines an understanding of the intentions the brief adressing the issues which it has to solve.

Naturaly Architecture design is allowed to be beautiful and uniek. But first and formost the user holds the fundamental priority. Only then will a design have longevity.


Marion Salgado   

Senior Architectural Tecnologist and Revit 3-D Modelaar Perspectives and rendering

Nick Nicolic

Senior Technical  Engineer and  Drafting back up support

Phillip Southern

Design Consulting & Graffic Design and on site Technical Instillations

Kamogelo Mooketsi

Drafting Architectural drawings and Structural Plans, remotely our back up lead  support. Proficient in Auto-CAD Autodesk and Revit   3-D and rendering

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