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What do we do?

We are PL.Projects.NL founded by Architect Pimpeter Lünnemann. We  work with an international team of experts, each of whom provide their specific field of expertise. The allows us to be thourough and offers a wider scope and deeper source of information, allowing us to provide a better and efficient service, in the sometimes complex scenarios defined in the brief.  The close knit nature of the professional network and project lead with  interaction with the client the design process remains dynamic.  The “Architect” remains ultimately responsible.

Provide marketing documentation  constuction drawings and details for construction and building development projects be it for Architects, Contractors, Property Developers,  Landloards, Agents or Property owners in the  Private Sector .

We look to provide you with the resources for the production of drawing documentation to the required specification and charactoristic of the profession as will be defined in our contract.

We look at contracts in assiting you reach your targets and deadlines importaint to define the smooth running of a successful development project.

Onsite breifing and regular progress meetings to be defined and be established to suite the programme agenda where progress verses time schedule defined.

Pimpeter Lunnemann is an experienced Architect who has a wide variety of experience in the development sectors ,and has been the owner and director of an Architectural Practice providing professional services in the building development industry.

The experience stretches over more than 30 years with a rich and diverse nature of requirements and specific trends defined by the dynamic’s of  cosmopolitan market place.

Our Services are finely tuned into being both sensitive and receptive  to the client /office requirements.

Versatility and flexibility has been the charactoristic that has sustained his survival in the increased volitile industry, where the challenges have been to provide affordable solutions in a growing compeditive market. 

A personal intimate nature of his interaction have set out a wide scope defined diversity in sustaining positive trends of professional services.

Experience in  administering office and studio practice , and an active team member onsite project managment interaction and contractor and subcontractor co-ordination in the building process. 

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