Diversity Inspiration Passion

Diversity Inspiration Passion

Diversity Inspiration Passion

Offices 1994 -2018

Design proposal for a headoffice Right to Care Four-Ways, Gauteng S.Africa

FANCOURT Office Park Boundary Park

8 Mile Investments Commertial Office Park

FANCOURT Office Park Boundary Park

Office Block Module Types

Multi – functional multi-tennant rental space tailoured to tennant requirements

Lonehill Film Studios for Endemol head office in South Africa 1996

STUDIO PARK Lonehill Johannesburg South Africa

Rivonia Combe-Place Office Park

Entrance façade of foreign affairs Pretoria

Rispiratory Care Africa

Supply of  Rispitatory equipment with Auditorium for workshops and training.

Function Terrace for offices and visitors participating in training.

Warehousing and testing laboritories with workshop for pre-fabrication

Street Elevation RCA

The  Raked Auditorium Defining a breathtaking threashold to a welcome coporate reception

RCA Entrance Reception

Airfoil Concrete Supportive Column detail, defining the treashold to the building

Column Detail suporting a raked auditorium floor  and glass reception front 

Warehouse   Function      Auditorium                             terrace         Reception.

                                     Corporate Offices

        Warehouse          Function terrace             Auditorium                                                   administration      Entrance Reception 

Urban Fabric


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